A new perspective (English)

When I started my company (almost 5 years ago.. time really flies 🚀) I named it:
🔆 You can do anything 🔆

Because: You can do anything you think you can! 

That quickly became my tagline, usually followed by: You can do anything, but not everything. So, what do you choose?

Over the years I’ve coached people on making choices, setting boundaries and preventing burn-out (or recovering from it). I’ve guided them on their journey to create space for themselves, connecting with their deepest desires and then finding the courage to makes those dreams their reality.

In most cases, they went from thinking about what they should to to feeling what they want to most.

I still believe:

🌔 You can do anything 🌖

You can do anything you think you can, but you don’t have to do everything!
So, what do you desire the most?

You can be anything you think you can
You can be anything & everything
So, the real question is:
Who do you want to be?

By answering that question, you become who you were meant to be all along ✨


Ps. Heb je de nieuwste podcast aflevering al geluisterd? 

Shit meemaken en daar levenslessen uithalen, is basically wat ik doe. Die lessen geef ik met liefde aan je door, hoef jij niet alles zelf te ontdekken. Yes, you can thank me later 😉 

Herken je iets in mijn verhalen, zit je met een vraag of wil je zelf iets delen? Zet het in de comments hieronder of mail het me via team@martinevandendool.com


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