Life is not meant to be understood

“It can be both, I guess” my friend said when I was explaining how I am feeling two seemingly opposite things at the same time.

“Yes! Thanks for reminding me ‘and and’ is usually working much better than the ‘either or’ perspective” I said.

“But now I am confused: Am I just excited about the experience because it was new or does it mean something more?” I went on.

“It’s so interesting how we always want to know the “or” isn’t it?” She said, lovingly making a point.

“Hahaha oops I did it again!” 😂
(Ooh baby baby)

– – – – –
It’s how society has conditioned us. Early in life, we learn things are either good or bad. Black or white. Right or wrong.

Good girls don’t … [fill in the blank] and Real boys don’t cry.

But what if everything is not either black or white.. What if there can be 50 shades of gray in between? Or even beter: things can be multicoloured. Changing shades depending on the angle you’re looking at it 🌈

I think we want to know which of the “or” options it is, because we hope to gain a feeling of safety by knowing. We crave the certainty.

But life doesn’t work this way, it’s much more complex. And that’s the beauty of life! It’s not meant to be understood, it’s meant to be experienced

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  1. Emma

    Thanks for reminding me.. it’s so much better to embrace all of life as it is.

    • Martine

      You’re so welcome! Being with what is, as it is, is a very powerful skill to master ✨


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